Dibeen Forest Reserve

Dibeen Forest Reserve


Location: South of Jerash Map

Area: 8.5 km2 (3.3 mi2)

Tel. +962 2 6370017

Open: daily, all year


Description of Dibeen Forest Reserve

Dibeen Forest Reserve is located North- south of Jerash in Jordan. Dibeen Forest Reserve covers an area of 8.5 km2 (3.3 mi2). Dibeen Forest Reserve was established just recently in 2004 under supervision of the Royal Society of the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). Its 8 sq km area is covered by oak forest and rare Aleppo pine. Jordan is not really famous for its forests. The reason is simple. Most of them were use by local people. In the ancient times pines and oaks covered much of Northern Jordan. Through centuries these trees were cut down and subsequent soil erosion made recovery of forest impossible. Local trees can survive and even grow under very harsh conditions with little rain. Dibeen Forest Reserve is just a small part of this lost biosphere. Nevertheless despite its small size it is frequented by numerous species of plants, mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. In all Dibeen Forest Reserve houses about 17 endangered animals (including the Persian squirrel).


Hopefully RSCN will pressure Jordanian government into securing more land for Dibeen Forest Reserve. Total area of Dibeen forest is estimated to be up to 60 square km of mountainous area. Nevertheless it is a nice destination for peace and quiet. Few unmarked trails are good for short hike in the forest. Try to get here during weekdays and try to avoid public or religious holidays as local families flock here during days off.